Finnex Ray II Ultra Slim LED DB - 10000k + Actinics

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Quick Overview

• UltraSlim Unibody LED Fixtures
• Intensive PAR LED to promote corals & plants
• 10,000k + Actinic combo High Intensive LED strips

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Product Description



The Finnex RAY2 DB offers a special 50/50 blend of 10000k and Actinic Blue LEDs.  Produced for those with marine and reef aquariums, the Finnex RAY2 DB omits a cool blue tone throughout the aquarium with capabilities of supporting nearly all LPS and Soft corals.  The 10000k LEDs provide ample light for the growth of underlying corals while the accompanying Actinic LEDs make the flourescents vibrate throughout one's aquarium.

Description Length High Output LEDs # LEDs LED Type Wattage

Ray II 16" DB

16 Inches 10000k / Actinic 88 3014 9w

Ray II 18" DB

18 Inches 10000k / Actinic 96 3014 15w

Ray II 24" DB

24 Inches 10000k / Actinic 144 3014


Ray II 30" DB

30" Inches 10000k/ Actinic 144 3014


Ray II 36" DB

36 Inches 10000k / Actinic 192 3014 29w

Ray II 48" DB

48 Inches 10000k / Actinic 288 3014 39w