Shiruba Force Filtration Power Filter

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Quick Overview

• High efficiency 100% water force through hang-on filter
• Included: floss, sponge, ceramic rings* (2060/2100)
• Model 2040 for aquariums up to 10 gallon
• Model 2060* for aquariums up to 15 gallon
• Model 2100* for aquariums up to 20 gallon

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Product Description

Force Filtration specialty designed for a more higher efficient  filtration. 100% of the water is forced in to a cartridge containing filter media for max filtration of debris.  All units feature a flow control valve to control the amount of flow throughout the aquarium.

The XB-2100 & XB-2060 feature a 0% by pass cartridge containing ceramic rings and filter floss allowing all debri to be trapped along with providng an environment for max bacteria growth.  The XB-2040 features a cartridge with filter floss and a bio sponge.  All cartridges can be filled with filter media of the users choice.  Easily accessable and quality built for years upon years of use.